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Viking C-3000 12 Apartment Entry Controller, Telephone Entry System, Expandable to 96 Tenants

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The Viking C-3000 telephone entry system is designed to utilize existing telephone wiring in a building and to address a variety of apartment entry applications. The Viking C-3000 Entry System provides secure building access without the need for any phone lines. The only requirement is that each tenant have a touch tone telephone set wired to their apartment. The Viking C-3000 performs equally as well where CO lines are present. The Viking C-3000 can be used for up to 96 tenants by using a maximum of eight C-3000. A C-3000 system consists of at least one Primary C-3000 module, and as many as seven Secondary C-3000 modules.

Visitors can ring a tenant’s telephone with a distinctive cadence from any of the two entry locations. The Viking C-3000 provides a call waiting tone if the tenant’s line is in use. The tenant can let the expected visitor in with a single touch tone on the keypad of the tenant’s telephone.

The Viking C-3000 keyless entry feature supports unique entry codes for each tenant. The codes can be easily changed as tenants move in and out of the building. A postal lock feature is also supplied as an added convenience.

Viking C-3000 Features:

  • Functions with or without tenant Central Office (CO) lines
  • No monthly charges for a dedicated line
  • Programmable, unique keyless entry code for each tenant
  • No need to add "call waiting" feature on each tenant lines
  • Remote control from dedicated programming phone
  • Supports 2 entry doors and 2 door strikes (4 Wiegand card readers)
  • 12-tenant capacity per module
  • Maximum of eight C-3000 modules can be interconnected, allowing a total system capacity of up to 96 tenants
  • System consists of at least one master C-3000 module, and as many as seven slave modules
  • Codes can be easily changed as tenants move in and out of building
  • Postal lock feature supplied as an added convenience
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty

Compatible with the Following:

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Model C-3000
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty