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Viking RC-4A Network Enabled Relay Controller

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The Viking RC-4A Network Enabled Relay Controller provides networked control of four relays via an easy-to-use web interface. The same interface can be used to check the status of four contact closure inputs. Relays can be toggled on or off, or user-programmed timed closures can be activated.

Viking RC-4A Features:
  • Terminal strip connections for normally open, normally closed, and common for all four relays
  • Relays can be toggled or timed closures of from 1 to 99 seconds can be activated
  • Terminal strip connections for all four sensor inputs
  • Notification by email or text message of sensor input state change
  • Can be used as a secure remote relay for Viking VoIP series phones
  • Remote Interaction: sensor change on one RC-4A triggers relay activation of a second RC-4A across network
  • Ready-to-use webpage control interface
  • Encrypted login
  • Relay names, input names and input status can be customized on webpage
  • Firmware remotely updatable
Two levels of access based on login:
      • Administrator (full access)
      • Guest (programmable limits)
    • Remote Control of:
    • Secure building entry
    • Heating/cooling equipment
    • Pumps and fans
    • Security system
    • Gates
    • Lighting
    • Emergency tones
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