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Viking LS-911 Analog Emergency Line Sharing Device

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Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year Limited Warranty
Analog Emergency Line Sharing Device offers a cost effective, reliable method of handling 911 emergency calls for IP PBX’s and networked phone systems. A special 911 recall feature maintains the availability of the line in the event the emergency call is disconnected, so 911 personnel can call back to reestablish the connection.
  • Routes both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Gives priority to emergency devices
  • Incoming calls routed to one of two ports by distinctive ring or quick callback
  • Status LED displays mode of operation
  • Provides a busy signal to the phone port when an emergency device is in use
  • Store-and-forward and rerouting dialer functions available
  • Emergency callback function maintains line availability for 911 callback
  • Normal and fast dialing speeds
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Model LS-911
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty