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Viking CTG-1A Clock Controlled Tone Generator

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Viking's model CTG-1A is a clock controlled tone generator designed to provide accurately timed bong alert tones or buzzer alert tone sounds over an existing paging system.

CTG-1A Features:
  • Accurate 24 hour digital time clock displays hours and minutes synced to AC power.
  • User programmable 24 hour, 128 event timer in two separate schedules
  • Programmable day of week on/off feature
  • Programmable single, double or triple alert tone output (selectable bong or buzzer)
  • Three contact closure controlled sounds: Emergency siren (yelp) sound, Temporal (slow whoop) evacuation signal *NFPA/ANSI compliant when used with supporting equipment, Doorbell (chime) sound
  • Volume controllable, 600 ohm line level audio output
  • Non-volatile memory with four day clock backup
  • Two sets of DPDT relay contacts for muting paging or background music during alert tones or timed relay events
  • Switchable 50/60 Hz operation
  • Switch for Daylight Saving Time
  • Time Relay Mode
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