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Viking CPC-1 CPC Disconnect

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Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year Limited Warranty
CPC Disconnect generates a CPC disconnect signal on a PABX analog station (or any other line that does not provide this signal). Calling Party Control (CPC) signal is a momentary break in phone line loop current, which is used to signal automated telco equipment (ie. voice mail, call sequencers, etc.) the distant party has hung up.
CPC-1 CPC Disconnect Features:
  • Phone line powered (no AC needed)
  • Caller ID compatible
  • LED light shows when in use, audio detected, or generated CPC signal
  • Central office telephone lines typically provide CPC signal, but analog PABX stations do not
  • Generates a 1 second disconnect when it detects busy signal, reorder tones (fast busy), return to dial tone, or steady silence
  • Connections: 4 position screw terminal block
  • CPC Disconnect Time: 1 second nominal
More Information
Model CPC-1
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty