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Viking C-4000 Apartment / Office Entry System Controller for Up To 4 Entrance Locations

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Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year Limited Warranty

Entry System Controller for Up To 4 Entrance Locations provides up to four door entry points and keyless entry (or optional card readers) for up to 250 apartments or offices. C-4000 converts any 4 touch tone phones into multi-number auto dialers that will store up to 250 telephone numbers in non-volatile memory.

C-4000 System Controller Features:
  • Supports 4 entry points
  • Supports 4 Wiegand type card readers
  • Compatible with Viking entry phones K-1700-3, K-1705-3, K-1900-8 or any touch tone phone
  • Non-volatile E2 memory (no batteries required) remotely or locally programmable
  • Stores up to 250 tenant touch tone phone numbers and up to 250 keyless entry codes providing tenants with keyless entry codes
  • Optional HID-1 card readers may be added for proxy card entry
  • Programmable tenant’s relay activation code
  • Programmable master keyless entry code
  • Programmable call timer
  • Normally open and normally closed relay contacts for controlling door strikes, magnetic locks, gates, and more
  • Touch tone and pulse dialing toll restriction
  • Always allows 911 and 311 outside calls
Compatible with the Following:
  • Viking Phones:
    • K-1700-3 Series
    • K-1705-3 Series
    • K-1900-8 Series
  • Name Directory:
    • D10
    • D22
    • D32
    • D44
    • D56
    • D6
  • Proxy Card Readers:
    • HID-2
    • PROX-1
    • PROX-2
    • PROX-3
More Information
Model C-4000
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty