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Viking VSR-1 Single Line Loud Ringer (Discontinued)

Unique sounding ring is useful for employees that often work away from their desks, allowing them to instantly recognize when their phone is ringing. A second set of contact inputs will trigger a door chime (doorbell) sound. This can be used as a door bell, assistance button, or to notify that a door has been opened.
  • Loud ringing from an analog line
  • Loud ringing from a dry contact closure
  • Choose one of four ringing sounds:
    • Electronic warble (traditional loud ringer)
    • Double gong (two identical “gong” tones)
    • Quadruple chime (four descending chime tones)
    • Electronic Bell
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Provides a door chime tone for either a door bell, door open sensor or “Push for Assistance” button
  • Test button for setting volume
  • Power supply included
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install and comes complete with a power supply and connections for an optional external speaker
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Model VSR-1