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Viking RAD-1 Phone Line Powered Remote Access Device (Discontinued)


Discontinued and Replaced by Model RAD-1A

Phone Line Powered Remote Access Device.


  • Remote Access to 1 or 2 way Paging Amplifiers
  • Advertisements
  • Radio or Church Programs
  • Audio Monitoring for Security Purposes

The RAD-1 is designed to allow you to call from any Touch Tone phone and then remotely access paging systems, service observers, digital recorders. etc. The unit connects to any loop or ground start C.O., Centrex or PABX line.

The RAD answers on the first ring and disconnects on CPC, time out, or by dialing '#7'. The 600 ohm output port provides loop closure for audio access and a floating auxiliary relay contact.

The RAD-1 can provide for a security code to be entered before access, if required. A call timer can be set to limit access time from 15 seconds to 50 minutes.

  • Programmable 6 digit security code
  • Two programmable levels of access
  • Programmable toll restriction
  • Allows 1-800, 1-888 and 911 calls
  • Disconnects on CPC, call time out, toll restriction, or by dialing #7
  • Programmable 5 second to 50 minute call timer
  • Provides a 500ms hookswitch flash to access features on PABX, Centrex, C.O. lines
  • Provides a 2 second disconnect for new calls
  • Bridges any loop start/ground start line or analog PABX station to a 600 ohm audio input
  • Auxiliary contacts available for systems that need a dry contact closure
  • Non-volatile memory (no batteries required) with security)
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