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Viking PDF-2 4 Port Dataswitch (Discontinued)


Discontinued Replaced By FAXJ-1000

The convience of a fax or modem line without the monthly expense.
  • Use with Electronic and 1A2 Key, 1 and 2 line phones
  • Auto route via distinctive ring, fax CNG tone and touch tone
Fax machines and modems save time and improve communications. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a modem or fax without the additional telephone line charges.

Allows your fax or modem to conveniently share your exsisting phone line. Phone conversations continue to be handled as they were before installation. Normal fax calls can now be instantly transferred to the fax machine from your touch tone or rotary telephone. Best of all, automatic faxes (those which send a soft CNG 'beep' tone) are directly routed to your fax machine. Extremely effective at routing calls if distinctive ringing is available from your phone company.

If your office is unoccupied, all calls can be sent directly to the fax or they can first be screened for voice messages by your answering machine. Callers can leave a voice message on your answering machine and send a fax during the same call. The ring delay (number of times the 'phone' port rings before sending the call to the 'data' port) is programmable from 1 to 9.

Viking's switches work with Touch Tone and rotary phones and Electronic or 1A2 Key Systems. Automatic privacy eliminates interruptions on both in and out bound calls. A 120V power supply is included.

Security codes enable you to prevent unauthorized calls from reaching your system. For example, you may wish to prevent unsolicited advertisements from being sent to your fax. When the PDF-2 answers, a beep will be heard. The caller will then have 5 seconds to enter a security code from their Touch Tone phone. If an incorrect code or no code is entered, the PDF-2 will direct the call to the default port if no security code is programmed for that port. If all ports have been programmed with a security code, the PDF-2 will hang up.

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