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Viking PC-RJ14 PC RJ14 (Discontinued)

Two Line Privacy Device. The 10" PC-RJ14 plugs directly into an RJ-11 or an RJ-14 jack and your line cord. Caution: If the PC-RJ14 is installed on multiple two line phones, it can no longer release a call holding on another phone.
Viking's Teleguard Automatic Privacy Devices
Prevent your phone calls or fax/modem transmissions from being interrupted if someone accidentally picks up another extension. Teleguard also protects against eavesdroppers.

With Viking's Teleguard, whichever device accesses the C.O. or PABX line first denies any other teleguard-equipped device access to the line until the call in progress is terminated.

Incoming calls will ring into all devices simulataneously. The device that answers first denies any other teleguard-equipped device access.

Any telecom device not equipped with Teleguard can always break into a phone call or transmission.

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Model PC-RJ14