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Viking K-1900-5-R Hot Line Dialer - Tone (Discontinued)


Tone Hot-Line Dialer. Automatically dials the programmed number each time the connected phone goes off hook. Can help eliminate mileage charges on leased lines, toll fraud on courtesy or emergency phones and hand-held dialers. Compatible with C.O., Centrex or PABX loop start lines and will not dial on incoming calls. Program from any Touch Tone phone.

Model K-1900-5 provides 1 to 32 digit Touch Tone dialing and 1 and 4 second pauses as needed to use behind a PABX, access a pager from an alarm contact, etc. The K-1900-5 blocks hand-held dialers and 'hookswitch' or pulse dialing. The dialer can provide fast (50) or normal (120 as) on/off Touch Tones.

  • Help Lines
  • POS Displays
  • Information Kiosks
  • Hotel/Car Reservations
  • Courtesy Phones
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • No Batteries to Replace
  • Convert any phone to a hot-line dialer
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Model K-1900-5-R