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Viking Paging Speakers & Horns

Viking Electronics is the leader in paging horns and Ceiling speakers. Viking offers products such as the Model SA-1S which is an 8 inch paging speaker that has a built in 1.5 Watt power amplifier, an infrared remote control detector, and an integrated digital volume control, all built into an attractive off-white grill for flush mounting in office ceilings. The Viking SA-1S self-amplified paging speaker uses a proprietary two wire protocol in which both 40 Volts DC power and audio are combined on the same pair of wires. Connect only to model SA-25 controller or use the SA-X12 expander to connect to any paging system.

The 25AE, 30AE, 35AE, and 40AE paging speakers provide additional economical paging coverage to existing Viking Electronics paging units (PA-2A, PA-15, PA-30, PA-60, M2W) or to any system with an 8 ohm output. In outdoor, factory or warehouse environments, 25AE paging horns are the best method of producing understandable sound. In these environments the directional design allows the installer to focus the sound cone down aisles and toward work areas. In office and restaurant environments, it is best to distribute sound more evenly. Ceiling mounted 30AE, 35AE, or 40AE speakers in close proximity offer the best distribution and are cost effective. The 35AE speakers include a volume control. We offer an extensive line of Viking Electronics Ceiling Speakers and Viking Paging Horns.